Mural Project at Cottonwood Comes Alive

September 18, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Neil Talbott takes the first measurements

After nearly a year in the planning and permitting process, Cottonwood Center for the Arts has finally started work on an artsy 25 foot by 78 foot mural.

Cottonwood Mural End of Day One

Cono Pitinga and Neil safeguard the job site while Sandy Murphy makes yet another paint run for 6 more gallons of paint

The amount of paint needed for the mural seemed to increase exponentially as the day wore on but we still hadn’t lost our one piece of chalk or Cono, our supervisor, by the time the thunder rolled in.

Ruthie Lowen and Neil Talbott, man the scissor lift while Mickey and Patrick work in red paint on the left

Neil and Mickey lay out the first 15 foot paper cartoon in the alley behind Cottonwood before taping it up on the prepared brick wall

Day Four with the first word up and the final design layout taking shape

Painting continues through Tuesday so it you have an inner artist that would like to come out to play or you’d like to contribute a gallon of paint, come join us! Call Darlene at (719) 520-1899 to find out when we’re working.

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